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Why Do You Like Learning English


Hey Students!


I'd like to change up the focus today, and ask you a general question about the English language:


Why do YOU like learning English?


Is it for business reasons? For personal reasons? So you can connect with more people worldwide? Maybe you just like the process of learning something new. Whatever your answer is, leave it in the comments below!



i have some of reasons about leaning English.

1. English is the  most people use in the world.

2. So I can try to make worldwide friends on the Earth.


But it is difficult to speak English to me. >_<


I used to learn English just for the sake of communication. I have always wanted to befriend with new people from accross the globe, knowing the uniqueness of their culture as well. There are only two ways to make it possible, either I have to learn their language or learn English that is widely spoken by foreigners. So for the first step I decided to learn English. In time I started to realize that learning English really benefits me. Knowing little English kept me updated about so many important information (as they are mostly written in English. In addition, Having basic skills in Engish started to be mandatory in work field. But at the end of the day all languages are important, not only English.


@M.Malsikof It's no surprise that most Dutch speakers (not only you) speak fluent English because your language is generally regarded as the closest language to English. That's why you didn't find it difficult to learn English since it has some similarities with your language.

I like English because I can communicate with friends from different countries to understand their culture

Also can use English in some areas

for just learn....

I agree partly Malsikof,


Yes, Germans’ English proficiency cannot compete with the Dutch, even though it’s as “easy” to learn for us.


Yet, in China/TW the people prefer to watch Englisch films in English with subtitles, too.

And they’re very fast reading Chinese, yet they don’t seem to get a good grasp on speaking English.

So TV might not be the only factor making the Dutch, and the Scandinavians as well, such great speakers of English.


Maybe speakers of languages with a lot of speakers tend to not see a neccessity to learn foreign languages?

Or even claim a superiority for it?

That would explain why Bulgarians, Slovaks are some of the best (2nd lang.) German speakers I know.

(Apart from Dutch. Again…  :-) )

I thing everybody have the same reasons to speak English. Like everybody I want to learn English for these reasons :

- English is necessary in my job (I'm a scientist).

- I want to travel a lot in my life and English is spoken around the world.

- I watch TV shows in English with French subtitles and I want to understand them without subtitles.

in addition to the previous reasons is learning the englishe language and the evolution of the signs of personal growth even if there was not a reason to learn it's nice to have more than one language for yourself .

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