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What is Happiness?

Nice to return here again! Nice to meet all you!


Today I had a final english test for evaluating an achieved level. Were offered some different topics for writing. One of them was: write the essay "What is Happiness for you"?

And I've decided to discuse this topic with you.

So! What's Happiness in your understanding?

Which words would you prefer using for discribing this concept?



Nice to meet you as well :)

Happiness is a peace inside your mind.

nice to see you again!!!!!!!!

happeness is sth in our heart but these days the problems dont let it to enter my heart!

Happiness only real when shared.

This is not the answer of your question but about happiness.

Thanks guys for your kind words!
That's true. Happiness is one of the most important subject in any person's life. And each person can be happy if he shares one with other people. Doesn't matter what it might be: your own time or amount of money. That depends on what exactly is inside human.

Happiness is the pursuit of "power", and the maintenance of the "power" we already have in our lives.

Sometimes we give this power to others, to make them happy.

Why power? Because life itself is "power". Without life (power), our bodies are lifeless (powerless). Imagine an electric bulb without electricity (power). It emits no light. But with electricity (power), the electric bulb comes to "life" and emits light. We are the same. All forms of life function on the same principle.

"Power" can be created by many things - independence, faith, love, wealth, health, emotional strength, success, career, etc. All these things help to create a sense of "power" in our lives - depending from person to person.

We feel empowered when we are loved. We feel sad(powerless) when we are rejected/unloved. 

We feel strong when we are healthy. We feel weak(loss of power) when we are sick. 

We feel independent when we have wealth. We feel dependent (powerless) when we don't have enough wealth. 

We feel accomplished with a good career. We feel aimless (powerless) when we don't have a good career. 

We feel emotionally strong with faith. We feel unsure (powerless) of the future when we don't have enough faith.

All this shows the importance of power, in our lives. Without power, no one can be truly happy. What defines power - varies from person to person.

When we have these things, we have a feeling of empowerment. And then we share these things with those who don't have them, to create a sense of happiness (empowerment) in those people's lives. We can only share what we have. We can't share what we don't have. And what do we share? Forms of "power".




Happiness for me is when we can be thankful for what we have, and when we can be useful for other people.

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