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Feeling of guilt.

Do you agree that feeling of guilt-is sometimes just one of the method to hide a lasiness?




Sometimes I may feel that way if I don't believe in myself or it could be laziness. 

I think that Guilt is a very destructive emotion. If you  really did something wrong and feel guil-thats one type of story.Correct your mistake and go ahead!!  I rather meant habit to feel "chronicaly' guilty. When person blame and accuse himself ALL THE TIME  instead of taking responsibility of his life . Its like a good 'curtain' to hide behind.' what are you doing?" " I am suffering...i am a bad person.. I  deserve  nothing in my life""I am guilty"" I am busy"   its a good excuse to do nothing....

I agree with you. But i am talking about pathological feeling guilt of yourself.  ITs a little bit different topic.Probably women are more familiar with that than men...


I feel that way some times.

I don't agree if the people hide their laziness by feeling guilty. Because, it's like they are 2faced(sorry).

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