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Powers.. If you have one...

if you were a super hero what kind of power do you like to have? :0 !!! And why? 

Just choose one!!! Lets see what the people say ! 



i want a power which can make any thing you like

I want to read people minds~

I would like be able to read the minds


I'd like to be able to convince people

I would like to speak out those things that can not speak out in public

Teleportation would come in handy. 

I would like to dissapear annoyed people :)

The super power that prevents all other people from using their super powers :p


Time travelling


This is a great discussion! They recently did an episode of the radio program, "This American Life" on this topic.

In one segment, the comedian John Hodgmen asked people which they would choose, flight or invisibility. My favorite quote from that is:

Man 8
Flying is for people who want to let it all hang out. Invisibility is for fearful, crouching masturbators.

That said, I would still choose invisibility.


He also asked people what they would do with those powers. He noted that none of the people said they would fight crime. So super-power does not equal super-hero.

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