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What you had in your live when you were 25 years old?

What you had done in your live when your live when you were 25 years old? Or what you will be reach in 25 years old?



Nothing =)

@ Blitzy

Really nothing? How about job? Do you get better job? Or probably you have traveled to another country? Or start new business?

By the time I was 25, I had:

been in 44 of the 50 United States

served my country

been a professional musicain

been a professional beach bum in Hawaii

broken 2 bones

married my first wife

watched a plane crash into the ocean

owned 4 different motorcycles and 1 truck

managed a successful small busniness

flown in a hot-air balloon






















Terrific answer Devin!


 Let's see, by the age of 25:


  Lived in several different homes with different families.

Live in a State Run "orphanage".

Experienced attempted rape by  several  homosexuals. (they weren't successful)

Nearly been crushed in an elevator.

Drowned at the age of 11 and saw my entire life "pass before my eyes".



  Broken my leg.

Gone through counseling for depression.

Attempted Suicide.

Dropped out of college because it was irrelevant.

Hitch-hiked  across the the USA from  New York City to San Francisco

and back again with only a few dollars in my pockets.

Spent 3 years in the U. S. Marine Corps

Spent 8 years in a  Christian religious order


  I forgot most of it I think.




Hello,by the age of 25,

I had one son and a loving husband ( now I have 4 children, all grown ups,and the same loving husband)

I was studying in college (here we say "universidad" ) ( I finished,and also got a post graduate title)

I only visited Argentina,and Brazil ( now I´m glad ,I had the chance to go to many places in the world)

I prefered cats,now I have a lovely dog

Best wishes !




Five things I'd done by the time I was 25:

Graduated High School

Received an Associate's Degree

Travelled to Qatar, Korea, Philippines, Guam and all over the USA

Learned to Golf and Scuba Dive

Started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I studied at university,I take care my father and helped him i forgotten myself, i kiss him  ,i try to give him a power ,power to comebake to his life . he had cancer , i failed !finally he passed away.

It was my painful year because I LOVE MY DAD......

Now i miss him.................

hmmmm That's was before two years. Any way, I finished M.Sc, degree in Mechanical Engineering , No , that was at 24 years old . I finished my B.Sc. at 21 years old. I am the youngest student among all my friends. I am not happy to speand years just speaking with professior though. Also, I could understand part of the English conversation and the most importand survive from the war. Yes, always, Thanks to Allah :)

malsikof: there is one thing that is really good to me .I KNOW i did every thing to my dad so i know my dad pry to me every time , when i miss him i kiss his tomb and cry?

what do you do when you miss your mom?


Interesting....:)..mine list is not that impressive as some of the entries in here . :)
Here it is. My list of 'things done' by the age of 25.. (from hardest impact on me to not so):

- survived the collapse of the soviet union empire..was born and raised in one of 16 soviet republics.. then ba-bah.. no such country anymore (by the way, did you know that Soviet Union covered 1/6 of world's dry land territory?) Those dark times of disintegration... Many things to describe.. from killings on the street to no food in the stores.. no monies in the people dying just because they lost any orientations in the life.
- almost died 2 times(seconds between on/off)
- learned 2 foreign languages (English and Finish)
- graduated from one of Russian universities
- graduated from one of American universities
- got married, still married but 2 kids (after 25..:))
- immigrated to USA (no relatives there, still none)
- lived on $3/week for 4 months in USA (that was quite experience)
- learned some karate, played for city's soccer team

thanks for an opportunity to reflect.. :)

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