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Fake language

Have you aver pretended to speak a language? I managed to fool a firiend or two into believing that I know Russian just by speaking something that sounds like Russian. 

here's an example of a conversation in fake Russian :


It sound pretty legit to me :)


So , ever tried this? In any language :)



No, I never tried this but becareful you may say some thing make a native person laugh on you ;)

I think that is inevitable :D


I think it happens a lot. I liked the videos, especially the fake Turkish one :D

I wonder how it's look like when they pretend to speak Arabic?! 


I tried same expirience with Chinese :) It was a joke but my friends almost trusted me.

I have tried it in Italian to my friends, and they believed that I could speak Italian. Whereas, I pretended to speak Italian by adding "O" in every words I said. But yeah, I was only joking at that moment.

I know this is necromancy , but this girl is the best I've seen so far :

All that I understood from this dialogue is:


- Сигаретку?

- Спасибо...


- Саша, нет, нет, пожалуйста!


- Шесть долларов!

- Спасибо, Саша, спасибо!


My friends are not really interested in languages so what i say is not that important to them. Even if it's too clear that i'm pretending they believe me so fast and it makes it boring. For your videos i liked them especially the Turkish one :D It was funny to watch, though i didn't understand the conversation much as a Turkish :D Keep up the good work. And sorry if my English is bad ^^

Sound is not like Russian


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