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How do you deal with difficult people?


So everyone has their personal issues, but how do you deal with the people that you find most difficult to get on with in your life? Give some examples if possible and comment below!  :)



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Treat people by their personality and way of thinking.

Just like when you see a baby crying you would deal with it diffrentley when you see an adult crying.

It's the same with tough personalities, they're not difficult, it's just their experiences are different from you and all you can do is to understand their point of view and not take it personaly. 

I had a friend who used to attend stress/anger management classes . He taught me some tips that he had learnt during that course on how to deal with both difficult situations and people. Here are some of them:

If you can avoid such people altogether, it's the best route. Don't try to be a hero by taking "on" these people. Out of sight is out of mind, so move yourself away from the environment that these people occupy. Nothing cowardly about it, as avoidance is the default measure which is practiced by almost all creatures on this planet in stressful situations (Flight or stay to fight adrenaline response).

But if you can't avoid such people, you can:

1. Ignore them with patience. Silence can help in such situations, so as not to incite the person harassing you more.

1. If they don't relent, try to talk to them, but calmly and with reason

2.If that fails, ignore them again

4.And even after that they still continue to hurt you, you have no option but to resort to retaliation.

5.Retaliation can be verbal or non-verbal, direct or indirect. The correct order of retaliation: indirect verbal, then direct verbal, then indirect non-verbal. The last but worst way to retaliate is the direct non-verbal way, because it often leads to or includes violence - and should be resorted only in dire situations.

But it is better to study the people who are harassing you first. Try to analyze their behavior and personality, and you'll know how to tackle them.

As long as i feel there is positive energy in theirs, i will keep trying to "get" their "heart". I will take it by keep calm, nice, kind, understand them, build close relationship, and of course treat them like the way i want to be treated. That's all.

But if i feel there is negative energy in them (even just a little), i wiil keep be nice and treat them kindly but not too interested to build close relationship. Because i'm so afraid with the kind of the people like this. I'm sure, they can't accept and handle my weirdness. That's why.

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