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For teachers: a solution to contact all of your students at once


I'm teaching on Italki for a few months and several times I had the need to send the same message to all of my students at the same time.

Once because I wanted to tell them that I was going to change my prices, and the second time because I'm moving abroad so my schedule is going to change etc.

I'm sure there's a lot of other situations when it can be convenient to send the same message to all of your students. 


I just found a solution and wanted to share it with you : 

There is a free software called Clownfish that allows you to send a Skype message to all of you contact list. 


You can download it here :


Then there is a feature called "Broadcast Mass Message", a new window will open, you type your message and select "Send" and... It's done !


Here is a tutorial :


Enjoy !



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