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Help to learn Russian/ part 2 (waiting your translate in spanish by comment)

Today I will tell you how you can say 'Hello' for different situation and polite words.


Let's start ( Давайте начнем):

First that you will need in extreme situation, this is -

I don't speak Russian - Я не говорю по-русски
I don't undestand Russian - я не понимаю по-русски


How I can get to  - Как я могу пройти

Map - карта

Phone - телефон

help - помощь

I need your help - Мне нужна ваша помощь


Hi (not official) - привет

Hello (official) - Здравствуйте, to more easier - Зд-ра-в-ст-вуй-те 


Good morning/afternoon/evening - Доброе утро/ добрый день/ добрый вечер

Have a good day - Хорошего дня

Bye (not official) пока

Goodbye (official) До свидания

Please - пожалуйста, по-жа-луй-ста

Thanks/thanks a lot - спасибо/большое спасибо


welcome - добро пожаловать

Nice to meet you - приятно познакомиться

You can feel like at home - чувствуйте себя как дома


For today this is all.

Take care and if you going to go to Russia near future - put in your bag more warm clothers - there very cold time )








Let's start = vamos a empezar
First that you will need in extreme situation, this is -
I don't speak Russian = no hablo ruso
I don't undestand Russian - no entiendo ruso


How I can get to = ¿Cómo puedo llegar a...?
Map = mapa
Phone = teléfono
help = ayuda (to one person), ayudénme (to two or ore person)
I need your help = necesito tu ayuda (informal), necesito su ayuda (formal)


Hi, hello = hola


Good morning/afternoon/evening = buenos días/buenas tardes/buenas noches
Have a good day = que tenga un buen día, ten un buen día
Bye, Goodbye  = adiós
Please = por favor
Thanks/thanks a lot = muchas gracias


welcome - bienvenido (masc), bienvenida (fem)
Nice to meet you = gusto en conocerte, un placer conocerte
You can feel like at home = puedes sentirse como en casa


PS: can you write the transliteration of Russian please???

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