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What do you think is the biggest unhappiness(disaster)?

What do you think is the biggest unhappiness(disaster)? For example- Never know your mother or grandfather.                                                                                                                    For me, the biggest unhappiness-is to realize at the end of your life that you wasted time and lived aimless life.




Aliens. They watching us. Trust me! ;)

I know ,Lyobomyr ,about  a life in  the Ukraine!!! The situation in Belarus is even worse.Thats why i am here. :))))) Take care!!!!

Not having time on your side. Time is the most important thing, which controls our life.

Eg. not recieving the right things what you wanted at the right time. Not being able to be at the right place at the right time to do/get the right time.Being prevented from doing the right thing at the right time, and being told much later that what I said/wanted to do was the "correct" thing. We all need time to support us throughout to be happy. Most of the time, we can change our time (by taking some steps in the correct direction), but the times when we cannot change our conditions inspite of taking the correct steps, proves that time is the master of our success/happiness. At such times, the only thing which comes to our rescue is faith and patience.


When you have time on your side, everything falls in place - you are able to do the right thing at the right time to get the things you wanted. Attaining success is easier. Even people are able to understand and accept you better! When time is not on your side, everything (success, happiness, plans,etc.) is delayed. And when you do get those things at a later time, you often realize that you don't want/need those things anymore, at that delayed moment. That creates apathy and disgust.


Delay (in recieving success,love,wealth,materialization of plans/ideas, etc.) is often the most common reason for unhappiness.

When people cannot understand each other and you have nothing to do with it, it's a greatdisaster, like what happened between I and my family members.

Aleander! I am a young person. probably my English is not very good. Я написала,что несчатьем для меня было бы наверное, прожив всю жизнь, в старости вдруг осознать, что я просто прожила ее впустую, праздно, бессмысленно и совсем не так как мне по-настоящему хотелось бы.  Я не спрашивала в своем вопросе про личный опыт.Я хотела чтобы кто-то просто включил воображение или просто задумался, что для не было бы наверное самым большим несчатьем.

what do you think i would be the biggest unhappiness in life( in general)?( what is your idea about unhappiness0 for example- never seen your mother or never fall in love or  man doesnt like his job but goes there every day.

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