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an easy fun way to learn Korean !



Is there an easy fun way to learn Korean ?

I'm trying selftutoring with materiels I can find on the internet, I watch K-dramas and I listen to K-pop . but I feel like I'm not doing as I expected ... slow progress I mean !

So if you know of any method that would help plz tell me !







I do much the same, it's called immersion learning. If that's all you do though, it will take a long time, You can supplement this by using this, and language packs that you can find all over the place (of course this may depend on where exactly you live). There are other online places you can go, the English version of a Korean University is where I learned to write and pronounce the Korean "alphabet". There's a lot that can be found for free (youtube has lots of people that try to make it fun to learn their language), although it's usually less structured or complete than learning tools you pay for. Ideally you want to have someone you can speak Korean with on a regular basis, but this is usually most effective if you have the basics down.

thanks John but I don't see the Fun !

You should try it's very cool

Thanks Den ! I'll give it a try :D

Yeah, like Den said, I think you should try Their lessons are fun and easy to learn ^^

Thanks Khouloud  :D

I agree, talktomeinkorean is really helpful! Also Korean dramas and songs will help you a lot with pronuncuation (This really helped me, and Koreans always say my pronunciation is really good^^)! 

you said you listen to kpop and watch dramas and that's a lot of fun, doing so will help you learn pronounciation very fast, try to improve your vocabulary by looking for some words on the dictionary, especially the words that you hear them often, and the ones from your favourite songs.and try to put them in the context and understand the whole phrase.

even if you think it's a slow progress,you are learning many things unconsiousely , I also have a similar feeling.

take notes for how you learned english, and try to find the best way that helps you learn korean, learning any language takes time, you just have to wait and keep studying from time to time.


thank you ! that's very helpful !  :)


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