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Should very poor people be banned from having children?

Should very poor people be banned from having children? Is it moral, right or logical to forbid poor people who cannot even feed themselves properly to have children while their financial statues is very bad? I mean making "law" to forbid them for having children!



Why!! did you forget that those poor people are protected and blessed from our Allah ?! .. So If we make a law to prevent poor from having children, we'll finish the whole virtue of the life. Every person poor or rich can't do anything without the willingness of Allah. that's my opinion.

First I just asked, I didn't say it is my absolute opinion

I am just thinking of it as an option and

I didn't say that they should be banned forever just as long as they cannot afford a baby!

Second, there are plenty of children, who die of poverty every year like in Somalia,

Third children who their parent cannot afford them mostly have to work from the early year of their life, "work children"

4: most of them cannot get enough caring which they deserve

5: they mostly cannot be well educated coz they have to work



6:Allah gave brain to people to think and then make decision! this is my opinion

Elina, Mustafa is correct.  We have no right to make such a law.  Allah is in control of such things and everything happens for a reason. We should simply try harder to help those who are poor.  

Phoenix, I agree with this "We should simply try harder to help those who are poor." , but while they didn't get enough help, and they cannot even feed themselves, I doubt it would be good idea to give birth to a human being who deserve very well care

What if this poverty is because of  rich men or rich companies robbing the poor? what will happen ? They will take their ill-gotten money to support their own familes and the poor are left with nothing.

Bullwinkle I would punish them by compulsary jobs, anywhere any job, long hours 15 hours per day , by the way I am really not sure if it could be a good idea :P actually  I have not any good idea as punishment for them yet :D

Comandante, whatever the couse  of poverty is, now the problem is if a verrrrrrry poor parents can afford a baby and they can care him and meet his essential needs


I don´t know how you can think in that way. Did you know that just 85 people have the richness of 3.600 millions of people, i.e. half of the world population. You should better think in a way to avoid that so few people have so much money. With a better distribution the poverty wouldn´t exist.

It isn't the poor that are at fault and they should not be punished or controlled in any way.  It is the rest of us that have failed the test we have been given when we deal with them with harshness instead of charity.  

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