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The 50 Most Mispronounced Words in English

With about 171,476 word's in English its a fact that we all( Including native speakers ) may make mistakes in pronouncing ,understanding and/or writing them. But as speaking is one of the most important parts of a language so i thought i should write about some words that are mispronounced. Here is 50 English words that i found most of my students in China are having trouble pronouncing them in a proper way.So i hope you can take a good look at them and try to practice with the correct pronunciation and remmember to record and play back your voice and compare its with a native speaker. Here we go:




















































I hope you learned something here . If you had any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck Chris Amirani



you're right some of these words are difficult to pronounce!!

yes , these are the words that i noticed my students are making lots of mistakes when using them so i always try to let them focus,perfect and then go on.


So i think who ever wants to master a new language should pay attention to every single bit of it.

You did some writing mistakes :)

1. There should be a space before "(" and after "." and ",".

2. No space before ")".

3. "I" is always written in capital.

4. Here is 50 words --> here are 50 words.

5. ....(Including..) --> including

6. word´s --> words

7.  compare its --> compare it

Hey nacir 


thx for your remarks , but its totally informal and i dont mind small mistakes :-)


Thx again


Great compilation, probably the same words aren't going to be difficult for the same set of persons, for instance I thank you remarked these words were the more difficult to pronounce correctly for chinese people. As a latinamerican and spanish native speaker probably there will a different subset, anyway, I'm practicing right now all these words =D


I reviewed a couple of times the list and I found that the most difficult words to pronounce for me were:




I'll try to pay attention to my pronunciation and see if I can came up with a list of most difficult words to pronounce for Spanish people or me =P

Great Javier, Good Luck 


There are certain sounds that some students can't produce because of their native style.


They would say 'sank you' instead of 'thank you'.

They would mix up the sounds of 'L' with 'R'. So they would say 'Engrish'.


Sometimes it gets funny. 

A very good friend of mine always says, "In the who*e world". She replaces 'L' with an 'R'.

Hi mike 


you're right , but if you get the students those sounds over and ocer again they will eventually develop muscles in their facial area and tongue and they will pronounce better.

You just forgot one: 'conscientious' ;)

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