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Are we too dependent on computers?

What do you think what would be the world like without computers ( especially internet).. Do you feel dependence or may be addiction to the computers (interenet)?  

What do you think is this harmful for " human to human "  live relationship ? Thanks in advance?



I use internet to learn languages since I couldn't find anyone here could speak English fluently so yes, I am completely depend on it in this issue. However, sometimes good things could happen without any effort from you. I found the best friends here and the distance is not important.

actually,i'm agree with it.nowaday,i found we can't communite with other if i lose the phone and i can't express my ture feeling by face to face. moreover, i think we overdenpent on computer to is the reason why the relationship look so fragile.

@ Comandante  you are right , we have found here many friends and somehow they are better than those in " real " life ,,,but the most sad and dissapointing fact is that our internet friendship also depends on the net ,,If we don t have connetction to the net , we are also not able to be in touch with them..thanks for comment.

@luz Thank you too for your comment..

computers would be made to facilitate our work. sometimes we are so dependent on them that we can't live without them. computers can calculate our complex issues or solve complicated problems just in afew minutes or connect us to our friends lots of miles far from here. nowadays we can not live without computers because we addicted to them!


Yes, there is definitely a dependence on computers and the internet, as well as other devices that use the internet such as mobile phones and video game devices. The internet has made communication easier. For instance, I remember when I was a college student, and there was bad, icy weather. With the internet, the school was able to inform everyone by e-mail that morning classes were cancelled. Without the internet, something like that would be hard to do over the phone because there are many people to contact in such a short period of time. There is radio, and television too, but e-mail is usually something that can be checked during one's own convenience.


However, the internet has caused many people to spend too much time in front of their computer screens, whether it is for work, school, or pleasure. I am guilty of this myself, but I do go out and enjoy life outside of the internet. It's difficult to imagine what life would be like without computers or the internet. I really do think the internet has influenced much of my life from the time I started using it until now. During this time, I have been able to use e-mail and instant messaging to communicate with people, check the weather and the news, have a voice conversation with people in different parts of the world, study practically any subject imaginable with all of the available online resources, the list goes on.

To Лекс.   Why do you think that friendship on the net is an illusion. Don t you think that friends on the net somehow can help you more than those in " real life"? I mean miral help .                   To Aura - you are right. Thanks for comment !

yes, we are too dependent. Computer or technolgy give us many benefits. and yet, it harm people in some point. i have seen many people who gather in certain place but they are still prefer to talk or chat with his friend in BBM rather than with friends around them in that place. Dont know why.

To  Лекс  -  I agree with you when we talk about 769 friends on the net,,but for friendship I always say " THE INPORTANT IS NOT QUANTITY BUT QUALITY ''  .  THAT IS , it s better to have very few friends , but to be spiritualy close to them. Надеюсь а смогла как то быразить то что я хотела сказать....

To Ferri - Thank you for your comment!!!!!

well,i m sth more than addicated to my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!

It could be useful but harmful as well.

I myself am not a huge fan of modern technology, but I definitely see its usefulness (especially in medicine).

Internet is a good way to connect and interact with other people. People who like to interact with me here might not like to do that in person. Who knows?



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