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If you are an animal,where do you prefer to live?

If you are an animal,where do you like to live? In the wild,enjoy the freedom but has to face the danger in the meantime,or in the zoo, no need to worry about your food and safety,but has to sacrifice your freedom?What is your choice?Why?



I would like to be a cat.A house cat.I want to live in a big cozy house.There's food,grooming and place to sleep..just for me.I will be treated like a big boss.  ^~^


I would prefer to live in the wild. I can't even imagine living in such a big house, have everything available but not allowed to go outside. 

i would like to live in the wild and i want to be an animal who has no predator :)


gone with the wind! true meaning of wild life. so I choose to live natrually!

To Norsuraya,

Sounds so wonderful! :)

To Sri Lestari,

Yes,you are right. But don't forget the world outside doesn't mean freedom only. It's full of danger, it's cruel, you have to handle everything by yourself. So I toatlly understand if someone choose to live inside under protection. I think it depends on what is most important to you. 

I prefer to live in wild. Freedom is better.

I believe that miracle happen not in comfort zone. And by the way, live is only once. I wanna live my life. ^^


Where WOULD you prefer to live?


I´m  so happy with my human life!


If I were an animal, I would like to live in the wild because that is where I belong.  I would have natural instincts to caution me about danger and show me where to find food and how to look after my young.

Most Zoos these days are used to breed endangered species and to educate the general public about the different species on our planet.  I really do pity the animals in zoos although many of the animals in zoos were born in captivity and have never experienced living "free".  I do not thing any animal likes being kept in a cage/enclosure, wether that animal is a bird, a crocodile or an antelope.


I'd prefer live in the wild. because life is hard wherever you live, and that's what makes you stronger. I don't wanna sacrifice my freedom to live in the cage. My life should be adventurous :P

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