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What do you think of international marriage?

We all know that love have no bounderies. Nowadays international marriage is more and more popular around the world.

Last month, my cousin married a Chinese girl and took her to Japan with him. What makes surprised is that the girl can't speak Japanese at all. I really doubt whether they will have a happiness life togather.

What's your opinion upon international marriage?




As long as people are in love <3

But can your cousin speak Chinese?

 i think if you want to have a  international marriage,at lesat both have a same language. to culture, both  should know a little each other's at least. anyway,both  lover each other is important!


I agree with you, Huong. Love is the most important thing for a marriage.

Yes, my cousin can speak Chinese, his father is Chinese. The problem is that how can the girl live in Japan without saying Japanese.

For me I will marry a girl from my town.

Lynette, I think language is very important and also the couple should learn the different cultures, customs, religions... Actually, the lifestyle and eating habits may different from country to country. That's really complicated.

I think their children will be lovely. 

@Malik: Wow, you are really realistic, Malik. To marry a girl from your town, that's very convenient.



@ Hinda: I can't agree with you more, Hinda! Children of mixed blood are so cute, lovely, and clever. My cousin is mixed too. But actually I think Japanese and Chinese don't look very different from each other.

So she must start learning Japanese. Or else it will be difficult for her to get along with other family members.

@Huong: My cousin's family speak both Chinese and Japanese, and also my cousin is teaching her Japanese recently. Envy her! He has never taught me Japanese, while I'm his only cousin. TT

as long as they love each other,think for each other,not that unpracticially!

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