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Have you been in Thailand?


What places do you recommend? I will be there for about one week in March.




Wat Po, the place of the reclining Buddah.  He is very very big and beautiful and it is a very nice place.  I went to Bangkok too but it is very crowded.  If you want to see Bangkok, I recommend Plathunam market!!  It is really great for souvenirs and beautiful Thai textiles. 


Northern Thailand was my favorite part of the country.  It was amazing!  Bangkok was not really my style -- too many aggressive touts.  I think Thailand is very touristy overall; but, it is still a great place to visit.  The scuba diving is fantastic.


Thanks for your comments :)


Yes Yustitia, I also want to go to Angkor Wat. Do you know if it is problematic to get the Cambodia Visa in the airport?

Oh, I didn´t know demonstrations were so big, I hope they open again the tourism places.

My trip would be, Bangkok - Phuket- Bangkok-Cambodia-Bangkok



*Please native speakers, correct me if I have writing mistakes.


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