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Good Friend

when we can say that we have a GOOD friend?



When you feel that his/her presence in your life is a gift from Allah...
When you feel that you are not alone in this cruel life because he/she is beside you....
When you feel that you have a true guide in this wild world when he/she is with you....
when you feel that you are the most misrerable one on this earth because he/she is far away from you..

When you can trust in him/her and she/he doesn't disappoint you and when is always there when you need him/her.

when he accepts you the way you are!

I think that good friend is a man who always support your decision and give some advice to you about everything

good friend is someone u can talk with himor her like u talk ti urself and it's difficult to find someone have this adjective

The best friend is one who shared everything with you, with joy, happiness, unhappiness.

The best friend is the one you find at your side in difficult times in your life.

The best friend who is listening without judging you.

The best friend is your best confidant, loyalty and discretion.

The best friend is a whole.

les bons amis sont toujours là quand on en a besoin
les bons amis sont rient quand on est heureux
les bons amis souffrent quand on est triste
les bons amis comprennent quand ça ne va pas
les bons amis appelent pour prendre des nouvelles
les bons amis nous encouragent
les bons amis se disputent mais se réconcilient toujours
les bons amis sont des gens rares
les bons amis sont tellement rares qu'il faut les préserver quand on en trouve
Oui on peut avoir des amis, comme dit le proverbe " celui qui trouve un ami trouve un trésor", alors préservez vos amitiés, évitez les rancunes pour des broutilles et vous verrez que l'amitié forte et sincère existe et que c'est super!

a good friend is the guy who aways understand you and hold you out
you will fell better  when you think  of him if you are sad
and when you're together,you will not feel embarrassed with no talking.
And can you tell me that what's your opinion?

quoi repondre aprés ces reponses les unes plus belles que les autres ?
quand on a un bon ami, on le sait, on le sent, on en est sur.
on le sait et, c'est tout :)
a good friend we have.. a good friend friend we lost
...along the way..

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