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Tips & techniques for learning a foreign language?


So I have heard of many different techniques, e.g. watching films, tv etc., but I would like to know what really works when you are trying to learn a new language?
Specific examples, if possible!

Let me know in the comments below what you think :)



I have tried home study, vocabulary applications, university classes, etc.  So far I know grammar for about five languges and I speak only my native English.  I am now taking a class from a language institute where the instructor seems to care about having us learn.  She lets us read and engages us in conversation.  She uses our textbook, but brings in additional material. 

I did find the grammar videos I watched to be outstanding.  I spent about six months going though it the first time and then I went back through the second half again once I had the books and I knew most of the vocabulary.  I also watched a second series of grammar videos and loved the fact that the two reinforced one another an agreed on all fundamentals.

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