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Why can't I find one serious language partner

I'm very disappointed ! I was very excited about learning korean through italki !

but I can't find anyone who is willing to be a devoted partner ! 

We are here to learn new languages and help each other in every way we can  !

If anyone is interested ! plz contact me !



Have you ever written a Note in Korean on Italki?

Have you ever asked a question on Italki?


What kind of textbook have you learn Korean language with?


Heaven helps those who help themselves.

The Korean culture is very interesting, Ghada. The airport experience there is unique, features displays of history, music and poetry. Quite different to airports of other countries. There are quite a number of Korean teachers and tutors on this site so it is a good site if you search.


Look at the site and search for Korean tutorials on (there are  a lot).


Good luck !


Have you sent them a msg Ghada? There are lots of korean people in this site.. and most of them are so nice. They would love to help you learning korean. keep trying.. :)

Thanks everyone I actually tried all of this ! but sill ...  thank yo again :D

Why do you want to learn Korean?

If you want to learn German I can help you :)

really ? thanks Nacir :D


Tell me about it.
But i guess you have to look into it from another prespective.
Poeple have engagements,they do have a real life: work,family,life problems etc ....
a life like ours.So being serious in a digital life when you already have a real one, it is quit hard for most of us.

Oubeid you have a point there but so do I ! you know our lifestyle ! I'm barely making time !

Mr M. Malsikof I have no idea why I can't like your comments :P


You are a native Arabic speaker and you already know English and French so I think you have a good opportunity to find language partner. Look at me, I am not so good in English and I can find English partners as well as friends here. Try to make a search about someone who wants to learn Arabic, English and French in exchange of Korian OR you can start a Arabic-English-French/Korian Skype group.




The most annoying thing to me is that many people seem to mistake italki for a dating website, that's what makes it hard for me to find a serious partner, otherwise I do think that most serious partners are indeed busy with their real life and do not have as much time as I do for the moment so I made peace with that and just try to work by myself until they show up again, I try to look at partnerships as a long-term thing, so that involves ups and downs.  Also having several partners for one language helps a lot, 'cause you may still manage to practice a bit since they are not all busy at the same time, well usually not lol. As for Korean in particular, given the craziness about it perhaps Korean speakers got frightened away XD I have a Korean penfriend that I met on studentoftheworld, we've been writing to each other for some years now, did you try that site? Do you have Koreans in your university, if you go to one? You can put ads there, they may contact you if you offer help in Arabic.   Good luck anyway.

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