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Why can't I find one serious language partner

I'm very disappointed ! I was very excited about learning korean through italki !

but I can't find anyone who is willing to be a devoted partner ! 

We are here to learn new languages and help each other in every way we can  !

If anyone is interested ! plz contact me !




The Korean culture is very interesting, Ghada. The airport experience there is unique, features displays of history, music and poetry. Quite different to airports of other countries. There are quite a number of Korean teachers and tutors on this site so it is a good site if you search.


Look at the site and search for Korean tutorials on (there are  a lot).


Good luck !


Have you sent them a msg Ghada? There are lots of korean people in this site.. and most of them are so nice. They would love to help you learning korean. keep trying.. :)

Thanks everyone I actually tried all of this ! but sill ...  thank yo again :D

Why do you want to learn Korean?

If you want to learn German I can help you :)

really ? thanks Nacir :D


Tell me about it.
But i guess you have to look into it from another prespective.
Poeple have engagements,they do have a real life: work,family,life problems etc ....
a life like ours.So being serious in a digital life when you already have a real one, it is quit hard for most of us.

Oubeid you have a point there but so do I ! you know our lifestyle ! I'm barely making time !

Mr M. Malsikof I have no idea why I can't like your comments :P


You are a native Arabic speaker and you already know English and French so I think you have a good opportunity to find language partner. Look at me, I am not so good in English and I can find English partners as well as friends here. Try to make a search about someone who wants to learn Arabic, English and French in exchange of Korian OR you can start a Arabic-English-French/Korian Skype group.




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