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Indonesian Songs!

I open this discussion for Indonesian or foreigner who knows Indonesian songs

what is your favourite song? I need some new songs for my new iTunes playlist. 

To be honest, it's been a long time (maybe the last time I heard and follow Indonesian industrial music was about 5 years ago, don't get me wrong, I used to listen English songs a lot lately haha) 

When I was in High School, I used to listen some band, they are Ada Band, Maliq and D'essentials, RAN, Nidji, Yovie and Nuno, Ten2Five, D'cinnamons. I prefer Jazz or Indie music for Indonesian songs, I don't know why, their music taste are much better in my ears than other band/singer, I meant all Indonesian songs are good! but maybe it's just about genre and taste :)


so I wanted to ask what is your favourite songs? give me the title and the singer. It would be nice if you give me some recommendation Jazz/acoustic/Indie song from Indonesia :)






terima-kasih! :D

kalo jazz sih lagu2nya tompi aja sama ecoutez : percayalah,tunjuk satu bintang


sorry kalo referensi lagu jazz dari indo gw kurang tw banyak,cuma tw itu aja,moga2 bisa nambah2 referensi buat playlist iTunesmu ya ;)

makasih lagi :)

semua lagunya Afgan, Vidi Aldiano, sama Raisa :D

coba dengerin Sewaktu at HUMA-Gilang dirga deh, lucu hahaha

soulful jazz -> Gugun Blues Shelter (upbeat jazz music, indie, kalo suka yg byk main nada2 unik)

Tulus. Suara vokalisnya enak. Liriknya juga puitis banget. >.<

Dayung sapan. 甜蜜蜜。

lagu2nya Project Pop harus ada

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