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Is it crazy that you fall in love with sb's voice?

  I think I'm in love with sb's voice~ Quite unbelievable~Have you ever tried it?



i haven't ..... so you mean you just fell inlove with his voice??

I don't know.maybe I like him ,too.he is a very nice person.

feel you're free to love anyone to want....! sometimes a sweet voice can make you fall inlove :P

haha~I won't fall in love with sb easily.

hahahahaa!! that's for sure...! actually i think girls are not easy to fall in love...

hah~milla ..maybe his voice is charming..

Dont fell into this trap!Be careful..

my voice is charming either~


I also believe that good sound like or directly like this man

i have .and also i have fallen in love with someone who has beautiful fingers~~it's crazy, right?

This is so weird!!!!


hahhaha you are funny

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