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Do you have any nickname? Do you like it?

My nickname is "big mouth", "monkey", How about you my friends? :)



wide mouth is better,I thinK, :)

I was ever named as "radish" (white carrot) which I hated when I was a child ,but yet now , I am happy to take it as it makes people recall me easily  .

My nickname is little Andy, mosquitoes, ha ha

Your big mouth? And why call you monkey?

Andy: haha~~because I have a big mouth,and my ears are also big. :P

Andy:  Mosquito? haha, why? Do you like  bit others?   (*_*)

You called big mouth because of your mouth like those famous mouth monkey?

I won't bite because my name is wen so call me small mosquito ha ha

彬卜Bamboo : haha~~Maybe~~  I don't know how to translate the "大嘴" into English, maybe wide mouth is better.   :)

Andy:  okay,I get it, it's because your Chinese name.   >_<

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