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Change life

Please tell me what is your favorite film changing your life or effecting you so much?



3 idiots definetely.

The Pursuit of Happyness!! 


"Remember me"  The star of this movie is Robert Pattinson

Olympus has fallen


"The Big Lebowski". It taught me to not pay much attention to pretentious people.

The lion king, P.S i love you, shutter island, en busca de la felicidad( i don't know how is it name in english, looking for the happiness(???), and that's all. Xx


Indeed Vicky, I think "Shutter Island" was the best film of the past decade.


One of the best things about learning Spanish was that it opened up my eyes to many great films. Also I was so used to Hollywood cinema I never released how male centric it is until I started watching Spanish cinema. I also like Mexican cinema too.

My favourite film is perhaps a cliche but I love 'Todo sobre mi madre'.


Mimi: "Todo sobre mi madre" is perhaps my favourite film by Almodóvar. If you haven´t seen it, I´d also recommend an old mexican film directed by Luis Buñuel: "El ángel exterminador". You can catch it in Youtube. Cheers.

The legend of Bagger Vance

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