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Our pets:)

I have a doggy.Her name is Asya.She is very funny,active and really smart,despite the fact that she is small.She likes walk on the windowsill,torment our cat and eat like a bear))What is more she is very popular near our house,so you can just walk and absolutely unfamiliar people will screaming and calling her by name!And of course she so much love us that I just can not imagine my family without this little miracle!))

And what pet do you have?Talk about him or her?



i have 5 cats....2 are big(MININA and PANCHO) and 3 are little kitties(PELUSA,BLANCA and ENANO).... and all they do is sleeping, and playing all day long...!

I have a dog and a cat, my dogs name is "Beaver" yes I know an animal with another animal name!! haha and my cats name is "Bart" as bart simpson, my cat is such a mess haha but they both are so cute. And say Helloo to Ashya :-)

i love cat

I had the greatest cat in the world. she never scratched furniture and was very smart. She was with me for ten years. She would follow me when i would leave until she got to her boundry, and then she would return. Such a great cat. I had to leave for a while and she needed to be cared for by a friend. She found rat poison under the house and died a terrible death about three weeks ago :v(

hey ı wanna meet wıth u can u help me to learn englısh?

My mum has a little dog called "Kika", she has white long hair and she's small. She's so lazy because when I take her for a 40+ minutes walk she gets so tired that I have to carry her, but she loves going out with me and I can see in her little face how much she enjoys. I don't live at home cause I'm studying away from my hometown. Whenever I arrive home she gets amazingly happy and this day she keeps following me all the time like she wouldn't believe that I'm actually home. It's so nice to have pets, if you give them some love you will get twice you gave them in return.

I've always wanted a cat. I was given a 4 month-old male cat but there were a HUGE problem. 

This kitten would only let somebody touch him when he was totally asleep. Otherwise, he just became so furious... It was hard to live with him. I was always afraid to touch him... he was so aggressive!!


I decided to give him an ultimatum (Yes, I talk to my cat). I told him: 

"If you want to live with me and if you want me to take care of you for many years, you will have to behave like a good cat. No more spitting at me or showing claws."

I gave him one month to change all his bad habits, or I would give him in adoption to another family and I meant it. I was so fed up! 

And you know what? His behaviour totally changed!!!

As amazing as it may sound, I think he sort of understood what I wanted from him and showed me in his own way that he wished to stay with me. 

And we've been living together for more than 4 years now. If I don't come to cuddle him, he comes to me and makes me feel better when I'm down. I wouldn't change him for any other cat.

Pets are so amazing and can give you so much love! 


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