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(ARTICLE) IELTS Grammar:State Verbs

Present continuous is not normally used with state verbs because the meaning of the verb itself is general truth rather than something temporary.These verbs describe thoughts,feelings,senses,possessions and descriptions.

Here are some examples of state verbs:

Thoughts: agree,assume,disagree,forget,believe,hope,know,regret,remember,suppose,think,understand

      I assume you're too busy to play games.


Feelings: adore,despise,dislike,feel,enjoy,hate,love,like,prefer,want

      I love music.



      This pie smells delicious.



      My father owns a resaurant.

Descriptions:appear,contain,look,look like,mean,resemble,seem,smell,sound,taste,weigh

      You look like your mother.


Some state verbs can be used in the continuos form when the meaning is temporary:

What are you thinking about?(Now)
I think that you are smart.(State of opinion)



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