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Tell me something about Japan,please

Konnichiwa,can someone tell me something about tradition and interesting places in Japan?




I recomend you a place. Nikko,_Tochigi

Thank you,i saw video it is nice. :)





Do you know the snow festival?

This fes take in Sapporo of Hokkaido.

I reccomend you to see many big snow statue. 

hakata gion yamakasa festival,held on July,that's my suggestion ;)


or going to the Tokyo tower,mount Fuji or even Tokyo disneyland.


There's a lot of interesting place to visit in Japan :)



TARO,i did not know for that festival i will search on Google about it,thanks. :)

Thank you too Alvin. xD




I just know where is Japan and name of capital city so every information is welcomed.

I started to learn Japanese,so i want to know about this country,please help me i am waiting for more comments. :)







Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is pretty nice. I would always go there when I got bored.

Yes, I would also recommend various temples etc.; Shinto (Shintoism) is extremely interesting. One videogame I could recommend, that is positively bathed in Shinto and Japanese tradition, and also extremely beautiful and fun to play, is Okami (a name playing on Ōkami, meaning "wolf", and o-kami, meaning "(mighty/honorable/great) god". You are, in the game, a wolf, but also the goddess of the Sun and the Universe, Amaterasu (meaning "(she) who illuminates Heaven"). It is THE BEST game I have EVER played, and I heartily recommend it. It is available for PS2 and Nintendo Wii (and is soon coming out on PC, I think.)

Thank you everybody. :)

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