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i am new here!

hi. i am new on this website  and i dont know use question is that: is there free language courses?can i chat with anyone here? i want to find farsi courses! thank you for you read my text.





No, the courses costs money, but everything in the "community" section is free of charge.


You can find a lot of people to talk with in the "language partner" section under "Community". you usually add each other on skype, and then you can teach them the languages you know and they can teach you the language they know. you can also write a notebook and hope for someone to correct it for you or ask a question, you can find all this in the "community" section.


go out and explore it all! :-)


welcome! glad to make friends with u,if u like!

hi. Anders! thank you very much for your halpful comment! bye

you're welcome!

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