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What do you feel, when you see a homeless person?



Maybe oneday I will be like him :(

By homeless people I feel powerless.

annoyed and angry. In my country there are so many ways they could help themself and get support, but they are too damn lazy to do anything but sitting there asking me for my money.

"There but for the grace of God go I"


I will think,we are  so lucky!so weshould be graceful for everything we have now

In my country , not every vagrant is too lazy to survive . Some of them could be implicated by the disruption of economic situation . The gap between poor and rich is getting larger over past 2 decades . I am convinced some of them were ever living in glory or brilliant contribution in the past .I cannot bear to blame all of them , though , some of them are really too lazy to live on themselves .

I would try my best to help them because I feel so sorry for them. :( If the one is old,I would think how 

could I feel if they are my family? I can't tolerate seeing them like this. :(

How I feel? I appreciate what I have.

I will give them milk, cake, noodles and talk with them so that they feel less alone!

Usually, I act spontaneously. If this down-and-out doesn't look to me fishy and too disgusting, I give him some small money.

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