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What language do you like the most?

I wonder. I love learning new languages and meeting new people! And I am interested in your favourite language! What language do you like the most? For me it's Spanish.



I love English because it is an international,not very difficult and a nice (I mean for ears) language:)And of course my native Russian,which is very rich and beautiful)

it is English for me!


My native language is Spanish, and I love Russian,because it´s my historical mother tongue.

i love chinese and spanish!

but i have many problem with writing in chinese language,it is so hard for me so i didnt follow it!

I love to learn  English and I hope one day can I learn spanish !!

No one said Italian. Then I'd say Italian.

Although i am studying Spanish now, recentely i have been interested in Korean.

surprisingly,friends in our site seems to not like their mother tongue that much,hah


for me ,I like English and German,but I like my mother tongue Chinese most :P

I like russian language 

I like German, it just sounds so cool

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