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which accent is esier in learning english> british or american?

i'll start a course in english and they asked us which accent do you want to learn british or American ??? i should decide ??i want to learn it because in the future i wanna be teacher of english in my country (egypt) we have schools teach british and another teach american that's why i can't choose ..



I wouldn't think there's a difference in difficulty for the two accents. It really depends on what you want - what you feel a connection to, and what's practical in terms of where you want to live or who you'd be speaking English with. I personally think both have appeal, although I think most people would say the British accent is better, haha.

I prefer american but i think it's harder because they don't pronounce all the letters like (center) i hear it (cener) but british pronounce the letters eccept the ( r)

Most people consider the accent of schools like Harrow and Eton when they talk about the accents of British English. That accent sounds quite refined and pronunciation remains closer to spelling than American accents (disregarding the final r). Having said that, I must add that students often pick up their accents from teachers, and the teachers have accents. In other words, there might not be much of a choice.


It very much depends on who you are talking to. Every place has an accent (despite my California friends insisting they don't - I can hear it). Our natural accent is most easily understood to us because we're accustomed to the sound as well as the expressions. Also, there is not an "American accent." There are dozens of American accents. Where I grew up sounds very different from many of the places I've lived, and, for example, People from Boston sound very different from people from Seattle who sound very different from people from Alabama, etc. I know there are different accents in other English speaking countries as well. :)


You live in America, so you'd be hearing American Accent a lot. That's why it will suit you best.


Most schools in non-English countries don't have native English teachers. So, they don't really teach Accent. It is Spelling and Grammar or Structure and that is a separate subject.

it depends on what language accent have you been expose more often.

for me it's easier to learn american english than british english.But it's up to you,which one you want to choose for learning


it's not a big deal for me to learn varieties of English either British or American as long as it's still mutually intelligible. I agree with @Mike I come from a non-English country where most teachers are not English speakers, they did not teach us American nor British accent, thus I still speak English with Indonesian accent which sounds quite awkward.

You said " i wanna be" , I know this is American slang , Maybe I am wrong though . So, I think you already speak little American , so to speak.


I prefer British! But American is easier to learn. I would say just focus on the language - dont worry about the accent, it will come naturally :)

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