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Russian Society

In Japan , these days TV and Internet programs tell us the situation in Russia.

Because a lot of people forcus the Sochi Olympics.
I heard that , in Russian society , a lot of people use drag and alcohol because there is no hope in their future. And Policemen do not get enough salary to live in city and they need to arrest people who are not guilty.there are a lot of bad policemen who also get a lot of curruptions.
These kind of curruption are expanded in Russian society and people do not care about each other. (only think about themselves and their family)

Is these kind of situation is truth in Russia? or just happened in small part of Russian society?




Unfortunately, the greater fraction of the truth in it is. Both corruption, and an alcoholism (especially among youth, and it is terrible...). The negative phenomena are characteristic for the certain layers - so-called маргиналов (a having little education part of the population and unemployeds, homeless). There are charitable organizations which help them, but a situation it does not change. In recent years Russia practically has ceased to be the social state and does not care of not protected members of a society (children, old men and sick people) On carrying out of Olympiad unfairly huge money are spent, and for treatment of sick children in Russia of money is not present... All this Is sad.

It's difficult to answer your question just "yes" or "no".


Russia (as well as Japan, by the way) belongs to so-called high-context culture (you can find the the term in the internet). It means that the formal law here is kind of a surface layer - something minor,

secondary, optional for execution... At the same time there are informal rules of living, of behaviour, of intercommunion  which are common and generally accepted. At the same time those "rulls" are flexible and depend on many factors: on a person's status, on circumstances, on situation...


If something is prohibited by law, it doesn't mean that it's prohibited for everyone, always and everywhere. For example, if you overspeed on the road  you must be fined by a policman. But quite often you can "pay off" with cash, a lower ammount - to give a bribe. It is quite conventional... but... you have to guess first whether the policeman is in the proper mood, whether the situation is suitable, what ammount would be suficcient for the bribe, and so on. And you give a bribe you have do do it in a proper way. And you cant read these informal rulls in a textbook. You can learn them just by experience of living in the country. And you have to be always "tuned" on other people's mood, you have to feel them, to feel the situation.


So, the situation you described may look terrible for some foreigners, but is usual and customary for Russians. Russia has been living this way for many centuries - and however it manages to survive.

A deeply thought out answer from Liza.


Reading Liza about the "proper mood" of police have reminded me to México.

Anyway, the thing about corruption is that's everywhere. Now you hear more about Russia just because of the Olympics. Tomorrow it will be Spain, or Venezuela, or any other country; 'cause power and money make people selfish and careless about the needs of others. Politics have both, do the maths...

As Liza said,it is difficult to judge "good" or "bad" for the corruption problem.

If I can add one point of view, if there is sligtly no corruption in one country , the development of the country would be stopped also. Corrupetion in itself should be prohibitted by law, however , corruption sometimes take the role of lubricant in one society. if there is never corruption , the society would lose energy , just like as lacking lubricant for machine. However , if too much corruption , the corrupition would make the unfairness, just like as oversupplying lubricant for machine.

Eventually,to control and get along with the corrution is needed for us, living in the corrution world.


All this is too exaggerated!


@Roman77SPb - this thread is 1.5 years old. The great great great grandchildern of the thread starters have probably all died by now. RIP, ok?

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I am also amazed that this old topic can be survive for a long time... LOL

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