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about joke in foreign lenguage


How do you think could I joke with sarcasm that way if I said: Monday why aren't you Friday?



Haha, I'm Monday, I've alway been dreaming myself to be the most hot Friday`



  It would be a "quzzical" expression, but there is not a great deal of humor in it.

In other words, it might be cute,  as an  expression  of a kind of puzzlement, but not  the kind of inquiry that would provoke a great deal of laughter.


   Also,   you should be aware that sarcasm is not of itself,  a form of humor.

Sarcasm is demonstrative of deep seated issues of anger and resentment.


 That is why Sarcasm is a form of dysfunction,   characterized by oblique, rather than direct indications.

  Many people can cultivate the habit of  responding to others with sarcasm,   expressing themselves with a  thinly veiled anger.  Typically, such people think themselves obviously, as very clever, when in fact, they  usually are a kind of social "Wet Blanket" because they discourage    free and open dialogue and expression amongst other people in social settings.   People learn to expect     angry expressions from  sarcastic persons and they tend to avoid inviting the introduction  of anger and resentment into social discourse which is intended to be pleasant and satisfying for all persons.




  There are   collections of all kinds of jokes on the Internet.

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