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what do you like and hate the most about your country?


Hallo! Where do you come from? What do you like and hate the most about your country? Well, I'm from Indonesia, I like Indonesian nature the most. That's so beautiful. Unfortunately, most of Indonesian don't really care about the environment. Garbage's everywhere which causes floods in rainy season. Floods, garbages, and traffic jam are things I hate the most about my country. What about you?




Too much history and tooooooo much oil o_O !!

I should say, I don't like too much history and too much oil.

what is there to hate about having a lot of history Comandante?

We have inherited many problems equal to 7000 of years and when the country becomes weak, you'll see the ugly face of these problems. This is the reality. All the great countries have the same problem.

Come on! How does the Babylonian history cause you any trouble today?

@Oussama: Now,there are Some people hate Iraq because of Babylonian Empire. If you want to understand the present then you must understand the history.

That's utterly preposterous !!!! 

@Oussama: No, it's not. You need to read more to understand the present. Iraq is not easy country. Once, someone told me when I was a kid that if Iraq face a hard time then this hard time will spread to all Arab countries. Now, what do you think? 


George Orwell said “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

I think his notion more than true. You maight be surprised , if I told you that I see people repeat something happen before 2000 or 3000 years ago. Ofcourse, they don't know. If you want to know the future, if you want to understand the present then you must understand the past. Also, you need the understand the effect of environment , surrounding, ideas, geography on people behaviour. After that, you will not be surprised anymore.


I'm from France.

I think the best is the food, because we eat very weel and we a lot of possibilities. 

The worse stays: all strickes! It's too much!

I absolutely agree that history repeats itself. I am just surprised that people can hate other people because they live somewhere other people they don't agree with had lived!! I really like history , and the more I read it , the more I understand what happens around me. What George Orwell said is equivalent to the very well saying : history is written by the victor. I would say that the frequency with which events repeat themselves is calculated in hundreds of years , not thousands. Life is just one long movie , filled with exciting events !!

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