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what do you like and hate the most about your country?


Hallo! Where do you come from? What do you like and hate the most about your country? Well, I'm from Indonesia, I like Indonesian nature the most. That's so beautiful. Unfortunately, most of Indonesian don't really care about the environment. Garbage's everywhere which causes floods in rainy season. Floods, garbages, and traffic jam are things I hate the most about my country. What about you?




what is there to hate about having a lot of history Comandante?

Come on! How does the Babylonian history cause you any trouble today?

That's utterly preposterous !!!! 

I'm from France.

I think the best is the food, because we eat very weel and we a lot of possibilities. 

The worse stays: all strickes! It's too much!

I absolutely agree that history repeats itself. I am just surprised that people can hate other people because they live somewhere other people they don't agree with had lived!! I really like history , and the more I read it , the more I understand what happens around me. What George Orwell said is equivalent to the very well saying : history is written by the victor. I would say that the frequency with which events repeat themselves is calculated in hundreds of years , not thousands. Life is just one long movie , filled with exciting events !!


Michael Malsikof: Thanks for sharing! yeah, it's easy to say what's good about our country since everybody wants to build a good perspective about their countries. But revealing the weakness of our country is not really bad at all. nothing's perfect in this world.


Aurel: yummmeeey! what are the foods? can you give me the names? when I get a chance to visit France I'll try all the local foods. :D


i am from China,i think my country is so good(for many things,like history and beatiful place and good foods,chinas) but our pepole is always thinking other countries are better,maybe they do not know why,but they believe this.


Comandante & Oussama: In my opinion, to hate or to like history is everyone's right to choose. What more important is to learn from the past. I don't like some of Indonesian histories, because some are just too dark. But, I just don't want to blame the past. We can say that we live a better or worse life right now because of our history. :D peace!


Christian: do you know? there are so many Chinese in Indonesia. and they are really good in business! :) I like Kungfu. how about you? do you think other countries are better?

I am from taiwan


I was told if you love a person (country) , you must know his weakness . If you hate a person(country) , you must know his advantage .  It is an inspiring topic for most citizens to reflect on their countries .


As for my country , I love the land where I was raised . There are brilliant natural landscapes and amiable civilians  . I dislike Taiwan government and its fatuous beauracracy . They did not give us good vision and most perspirations were abused utterly . This is an irresponsible nany state .  On the contrary , the government is elected by most people , so , it is contradictory for me to interpret the phenomenon.

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