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What do you want to get for you birthday?

What do you want to get for your birthday? Or what's your favorite gift you have received? 



I want to talk about mine first. :)  One of my best friends he compiled all my essays he can find into a book,along with a long letter.  I was really touched and I like it very much.  What about yours?:P


I have just turned 24 two weeks ago hahah but I received nothing :P My family didn't even remember my birthday :P no cake, no gifts, no ornaments adorned the wall. what I had received was the warm greetings from my beloved friends :P real friends and some italki friends too :D

7 days come to my birthday. I just want a job for new year.

Hi Sri Lestari,

Happy birthday! Although it's a little bit late. :P Sometimes I even forgot my birthady,and thanks to my friends they made my birthady warm and memorable. :)

To Survival,

Good luck! :)

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