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Do you have any methods to improve the English skill in listening?

I have such a poor skill at listening...-_____- I‘ve been watching films in English over and over again  but it seems that I've made little progress.- -



Look for songs with an upbeat and repetitive pattern with English lyrics and listen to them while reading the lyrics in front of you. For such genres, I would suggest you search for "rap" or "RnB" - for example Paula Abdul "Straight Up" ;)

I learnt most of my English by incessantly listening to Michael Jackson - no kidding.

Expose yourself to some artists and you'll understand it in no time!


The first thing to learn about, if you want to understand better, is word stress. Here's a good link:


Once you understand how that works, you'll understand better and will also pronounce more naturally. Then you can learn about sentence stress, linkings, reductions... Good luck! :)

Hey ignorant, you should start to talking with your English group.

reapeatedly listening and trying to grasp the gist is the most effective method to improve your listening to my knowledge . I consider there is no shortcut to achieve it in a short period of time . Besides, you had better improve your recognition of vocabulary and idioms which can also facilitate your listening . It takes your time and efforts very much . I am the one whose listening is not good either .

 if you want to improving listening skills why you watching movies !! you must listen to podcast 
 use ur ears not eyes 

Listening to the dialect in the movie more than 3 times for each movie . It must be dreary for you , yet , useful to improve your listening .

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