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What do you think about the power of your memory? Do you know the "memory's techniques"?



I have very strong memory. I knew some memory techniques, but I have forgotten these.

Well, I'm happy to know that someone share my interest in memory techniques! I'm learning them with some specific lessons and I find them very very very interesting! I fell like a genius, it's amazing!

Sometimes I can't complete my sentence during speaking because i forget some vocabularies i had known before. So i have to change the whole sentence.

Actually there are some useful techniques like leitner systems which you can deliver what you have learnt from your short term memory to long term memory.


I try to maximize my memorization by more sprawling thinking in my language learning . I strengthen my memorization by continuous learning and exercise . Maybe it is a dull method to enhance my memorization . It was not until I could find a better way to recall efficiently that it is useful for me .

Thats intriguing! Care to share your memory techniques with us, Marta??

Well, I don't think I'm the adaptest person to be your "teacher" but If you want, I could tell you something... First of all, let's think: when you think about a word in your languaga, you imagine it not like words with letters etc.. but with the imagine that you have thinking about that specific word! I mean... If I say you "apple" you think about the imagine of the RED fruit, not about the word A-P-P-L-E. So, when you use Internet to discover the meaning of a new word for example from English to French, the most useful way is to write that word on "Google Images" and to watch the images which appears in front of you! I'm sure you will remember it much better than before. 


This is only a simple example to show you that our brain thinks with images, not with letters/words! Let's try! I don't use dictionaries anymore, since I've learnt this! And it's amazing


P.S.: I'm sorry if I made some mistakes... But please, correct me! :)

Hi Marta Salmi


Image associated memorization is an effective method to keep those nouns in your mind . You can catch the word by image in your mind to confirm the memorization firmly which is functioned by your right lobe of brain .  In my opinion , the best way to memorize a word , term , idiom, or phrase is to make sentences or use it immediately when you learn it .


However, there are still numerous words which can hardly be associated with any specific image , what  would you do regarding those abstruse verbs , adjectives and what not .

Allen...Believe me.. Also difficult words or abstruse verbs can be memorized with images. There are many techniques for that "problem" :) I can't explain them here, because they are so many and very complicated. But I share your thought, to learn a new word you must use it as soon as possible in your daily life and you will remember it

If you are interested in how to memorize things properly, you should definitely read this book: "Moonwalking with Einstein", written by Joshua Foer. 

I love egg yolks,so my memory is strong.I can recite texts and words quickly and even remember things what happened at the age of three= =

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