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Hey everybody tell me your favorite music!

Hey everybody tell me your favorite music!I love music very much~Lets share together!!!!



today Im listeining to Mayday 无月天 a lot because I'm going to their concert in London next week :)

I really like Kpop. My favorite groups are SHINee and EXO. :)

I like and play Classical and Jazz music :)

These days i'm addicted to Turkish music :)

Rihanna:<take a bow > <umbrella> <don't top the music> <rehab>

Christina Aguilera:<beautiful> <the voice within> <understand><what a girl wants> <candyman> <nobody wants to be lonely> <walk away> <fighter> <I turn to you>
<impossible> <oh mother>

Beyonce:<If I were a boy> <hola> <listen> <crazy in love> <creole> <stweet dreams> <work it out>    And so on

I really like jazz and Classical music! My favorite composer is Chopin . I like the piano and play  it, also I like the sound of the violin.

Classical music is really calming sometimes and at other times extremely upsetting, I love that! I love playing classical music. And also like to listen to variety songs and I'm always impressed by the acapella singers.

Dnb Noisia with Split the atom.  


My favorite singers are Kwill and Lynad ali ,

i like kpop bands such as EXO . cnblue, 4men, t-ara, ft island , ukiss ,


Johnyboy – Щепки


BLANK aka Бруксизм БЛАНК – Бешеный

BES [DA TEMPO] – Противостояние смерти

all songs of noize mc

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