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What's your favorite age in the past and why?

My favorite age is 22,but I sitll love my whole life. :) how about you my friends?



when I was a child I didn't know much of the real life outside our house , and my dreams were colorful
As I grew up those dreams drowned
My faviorite age is when I thought about going to space
they are not perished at all that's why I still live lol

when i was 7. when everything was simple and still very innocent and well... cute

Hi Molly! Neat discussion. 

My favorite age would be 11. My sister was 7 and loved to play outside with me, my parents were younger/nicer/happier, and so was I. But age and maturing have ruined this nice family picture//

Today it's difficult to paint a nice family picture because all the colors have known each other, mixed, and turned black. How can that be fixed?

Anyways, 11! <3








Before going to school :)

before 7years! because i didnt remmber  any pain in that time!

mole.My favorite age is 23 and 24. Means for me dynamic, younger  and strong. :)

I love all of ages that before going to school :)

It must be my 16. I had great time with my friends and found out my true friends. It's such a glorious time that I'll never forget.

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