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Korean study group ?


I know Cassie posted a thread earlier, but Im posting another.


Anyone want to form a study group for Korean? Of course, we would need one native Korean to act as a teacher or guide.. 

comment below any suggestions/ideas for the group.



This is a great idea! I'd love to take part if a native speaker offers to assist ^.^

Nice idea.I'd like to be involved :)


great :) we just need to find a native speaker

Definitely wanna be part of this, haha. Need it!

All we gotta do is find a native, though.

This is great! I love to be part of it. I just desperately want to learn Korean..



i would like to join



okay since we are getting more people, who actually knows how this kind of thing will work? Do we have group chats on skype?


i have created a group if you like to join here's my skype id sarah.lorane


i can help you

i have book 

skype jhtoon717

teach me english


great idea ! i would like to join  =)

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