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Korean study group ?


I know Cassie posted a thread earlier, but Im posting another.


Anyone want to form a study group for Korean? Of course, we would need one native Korean to act as a teacher or guide.. 

comment below any suggestions/ideas for the group.



This is a great idea! I'd love to take part if a native speaker offers to assist ^.^

Nice idea.I'd like to be involved :)


great :) we just need to find a native speaker

Count me in. (:

Definitely wanna be part of this, haha. Need it!

All we gotta do is find a native, though.

This is great! I love to be part of it. I just desperately want to learn Korean..



i would like to join



okay since we are getting more people, who actually knows how this kind of thing will work? Do we have group chats on skype?

Group chats require at least one person to have Skype Plus so I'm not sure how far we'll get with that, or perhaps someone here already has it?


i have created a group if you like to join here's my skype id sarah.lorane


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