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Many chinese men have been asked by their girlfriengs


If you mother and I fall into the water at the same time, and both of us can't swim, which one will you first save? I have no idea how to answer this question.



be sure i save my mom!



3,398,058,252 women on earth, one is your mother. You do the math.  :\

I would save both :)

oh, well in the real world , we dead together !

because i cant swim!:)

I would answer:

How would your parents think of me if I just let my own mother drown in order to save your life?

Rockman, if your mother says to you like this: My son, you don't need to rescue me, i am too weak i can't, you have to save yourself.  The tragedy is:  no mommy. and big tears.:( without mommy you wouldn't exist from the world.

Mrs. Leign has example more than I there was a motto don't so give  fast up.

In a TV showa wife asked so to her husband. I don't remember if the choice was between her and the mom or sister. Anyway, the man answered (they had children) "I could probably drown trying to save both of you". 


shevelen8 is quite right. If your girlfriend ever asks you such a question, you might not even want to wait for her to fall into the water by accident....   ;)

which one will you first save?

First I save my girlfriend , don't ask me why , it's the love , men !

but afer save my girlfriend if i can't save my mom i will death with her, don't ask me why , it's my mom, men !

to ayyur !

think about your mom more and more......

mom is the beautiful word in the world!

and the honest love in the world!

if you forget your mom i dont think you cannt give  beautiful love to your  girl friend!

my mom is the source of all of my energy when i m sad i huge  and kiss her!

but when im faraway her ,i have sth from her like her cloth i smell it and kiss it!and sometimes i cry!!!

come back your mom!

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