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Valentine's Day

In my country, we are adopting this day and I don't like this because we have a day like Valentine´s day, The name is "Día del amor y la amistad"... So, What do you think about that?? Maybe, ¿Can this to be comercial?  



Hi, I think that a "Día del amor" should be everyday... I think that it could be change our world.

For me Valentines Day is commercial holiday. Companies only want to sell more gifts, earn money. We are one big global village, so they want take more money from all over the world. Sad but truth.

So it can be commercial but that's an opportunity to make the others glad....

Tomek, I think that is truth. I am so sad because my country is doing this... :(

Hossein Bhm6 yes you've got right, but we don't need special days in order to make someone happy. We can do it in every single normal day.

Shanne if there will be more person as we, maybe something gonna change in future :)

It`s a business day.

It's Valentine guys if u care about your money ,give ur girlfriend just some beautiful word is enough.
this day make people remember love , and this very important.


"Día del amor y la amistad" es mejor que "Día del odio y enemigos" entonces considérese afortunado ;)

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