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Did you watch Sherlock?Do you like Benedict Cumberbatch?

I think he is a very brilliant actor, he is very good in every teleplay and movie,do you think so ?By the way,I like reading detective fiction very much ,how about you?



Precisley! Sherlock Holmes n Hurcule Poirot Are The Evergreen Stars of Old Time, Classical, Detective Fiction, no doubt about it. Although i'm not So Sure Of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Yeah,in few days ago,I watched SHERLOCK from BBC,it is brilliant! I enjoy watching  it cause detective story appeals me very much...

They seem to have made Cumberbatch's Sherlock a bit more socially aware this last season.  I think I liked him better when he was a bit more awkward in social situations (like he was in the first two seasons).

yeah ,like him very much.

卷福 really did a good job!  :)

I like both the actor and the story. While I'm enjoying the films, I also learn the spoken English. Yea, they help me a lot. 

I'm fond of this series! One of the greates TV films I've ever seen. Everything is perfect: from the very idea of putting the action into nowdays, up to the soundtrack. Just this week I watched the third season and it was a real pleasure.

In general, Sherlock is one of my favourite characters, both in literature and cinema - highly intelligent, analytically minded, independent, itroverted and restrained. And Cumberbatch is great in the role!)

Oh! Sherlock, from BBC!? Sounds Intresting. Truly an Amazing Masterpiece By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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