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Valentin's Day

How was your Valentine's Day? and how you spend your day?



The Valentine's Day is also the Chinese Lantern Festival. We visit the lantern show with my family,and play some thrilling games in the park.

Great, I think you have enjoyed well :)

I was with my family in my home, jejejeje.

Good! you have good time with your family. :)

-I went to my bed
-I tried to not cry
-And I cried disconsolately.

haha I'm joking. :)

So ......

how you spend? hehe ...

In that Valentine's day? I went running alone. 

stay at home. mt. kelud has erupted. i can't go out. volcanic ashes are everywhere

To Alex,

yah alexander, I am talking about this Valentine's Day. You spend alone! :(

To Cici,

Cici you stay at home! Home alone :)

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