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I have a dream that improve your english and mandarin for all people who want to learn english and mandarin


I'm very regret that so many groups and sites offered learning english ,but not better.all people know that some sites and groups didn't make more progress for her ,but he want to join it ,because they have a ray of hope for that ,I have joined so many groups but my english also so bad, all groups not standard,some people are not native language speakers ,which will lead other people learn wrong,So I want to create a group that only permit English and Chinese native language speaker to join ,In order to improve writen and spoken ,all people must positively talking in that ,all people must talk in video at least once a week with one people.I will manage this group strictly,oyster will be kicked out,If you want to learn another language well ,please join us,all

service is free,my Skyper number is miles.xu2013 ;  QQ group number is 213268508 ;or tell my your skyper number



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