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Where do you prefer to work and live?

Where do you prefer to work or live? Do you want to spend your whole life in your own country? If not,where do you prefer?   Do you want to live and work and close to your home as possible, or wanna explore the world on your own? Thanks for sharing your points. Have a good time ! :)



I wanna travel all around the world and visit all countries. Anw, I must choose one to settle down and live with my family. :D

I like to work another city  and work at the office as translator! i live here for a long time!

i want to go just go..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really need to change every thing!

you too! have nice time!


Wanna change everything around me, of course I like to get away ... But always do not forget the family. Friends.

I mean i will go but i never forget my family and my friends!

Hi Huong! I must say that really is a great idea! Finding some place wonderful and live with our family. :)

Hi tania! I think I get your point. :) I guess you've been the same for a long time,meet with same people,the same you really want to make a change,right? So why don't you do it? Because you are not brave enough or what? Wish your dreams come ture one day! :)

Hi Odio!

Yeah..the same as me. But if I choose to work far away from my home,it will be a little bit hard me because I'll miss my family and friends often. :(

I prefer cold countries..I often get nose bleeding here in summer and I think living in just one country is not challenging. Travel has a lot of fun.haha

dear sara:

i like to change everythings  but i feel some one tied my hands! i cant do anything!

 i m not brave!

Nice Questions Sara.

I prefer to work some  of countrys with my family members,becoz I'll see my eyes in front of them that could be awesome.

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