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What is your the worst habit ?


What is your the worst habit ?


We noticed many bad habits in yourself.


Some drink too much


Some smoke


Some children suck fingers.


Some like interfering or interrupting conversations of others.


Some have bad etiquette or ethics.






Be honest, say about your bad habits.




I smoke aproximately 10-15 cigarettes a day. Content of nicotine in my cigarettes is maximum 0,1 milligramms per one.

Procrastination, by far.

I have a sweet tooth (I love ice cream, candy, pastries).




I'm a meth addict

to speak too much about bad habbits-is the worest habbit

Playing game all the time..



to Michael Malsikof


Very interesting. I think everyone have a part of yourself from childhood.



By the way, your surname resembles Russian surnames. Do you have any Russian roots.


to Alexandra


You take Meth to improve mood, don't you ?


to James


Excuse me but what you said it is excusable.

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