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what should I do in the outline !!

plz wanna make a detailed outline about the disavantage of the internet but dindn't know what should I do in the outline !! can u help me plz



Here are a few of the disadvantages of the Internet: Fraud and Theft Fraud and theft is the largest complaint consumers have about the Internet. These cyber crimes impact individuals and organizations and causes serious damage in society. Lurking across the dark corners of the web are identity thieves, embezzlers, organized groups of cyber criminals, social engineers, malware creators, copyright offenders and fraudulent businesses designed to rip off and defraud people intentionally. The Internet has provided cyber criminals with the ideal environment to lie, cheat and steal for financial gain, and the fact criminals can target their victims globally doesn't make it an easy problem to solve. Privacy Breaches Everything today is digital and people are depending on organizations, both commercial and government, to protect information that is shared. Unfortunately this isn't always reliable. No longer do individuals have to worry about paper files, electronic protection is a huge consideration today. One can never predict when the next large privacy breach will occur or what entity is at risk. Erosion of Privacy Another drawback to the Internet is the erosion of privacy. Anyone who frequents the web leaves multiple digital footprints everywhere they go; often without even realizing it. Today's Internet is no longer the one that existed a decade ago where much activity was anonymous

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