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How to improve your pronunciation?

There are so many people can speaks English or other language very well. But not all of them can speaks in a good way, I mean their pronunciation is not really good that makes miscommunication when they speaks with native speakers. I wanna ask you, how to improve the pronunciation so we can speak naturally an sounds like a native speakers ?



Have you ever heard phonetic symbols in dictionary . I suggest you may practice your speaking by simulating the voice of online dictionary .

Dictionary is supposed to be the typical way to correct your pronunciation if there is no any other resouce you can adopt .


It takes practice.  More importantly, it takes patience with yourself.


1) Allow yourself time to improve.  2) Speak with native speakers.  3) Ask questions.  4) Repeat steps.


When you think someone does not understand you or fully understand you, repeat the idea, objective, or other statement in a different way that describes and conveys the same meaning.  




Do you know what I mean?

Do you understand?


Once they understand what you are trying to say if you mispronounced it, ask them how to say it properly.

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