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C'est ou il est ?

"C'est" seems to mean "this is" in English, translating it from French.  However, it also seems to mean "it is," similar to "il est," which is had at the beginning of many sentences in French.  How does one know when to use "c'est" and when to use "il est" ?




I found this lesson for you :

But I don't know if it's clear.

I found the following helpful, but a French speaker here might let us know if it makes sense to them:

c'est means is-  this is  but

il est means is - he is  or it is ...  for ex.

c'est un livre ..   this is a book

il est un medecin ... he is a doctor

but sometimes we can use 'il Est ' for object

il est sur le table .. means : it is on the table

ı hope ı helped you :)


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